Womens power to stop war

Jessie with WSW SignIn 2015, The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary!

In light of this monumental event, WILPF gave name to the movement it has been advocating for the past 100 years, Women’s Power to Stop War

By joining the movement, you will be part of an international community of courageous activists, who believe conflicts and wars cannot be stopped without the participation of women – and that it is time that women focus on and use their power to stop war.

Together, we will connect, strengthen and celebrate the work of women peacemakers all over the world, culminating in our major events in April 2015, our Centennial Congress and the International Conference on Peacebuilding of the century, where we will forge a new peace agenda for the 21st century. 

Check out the special discount we're offering for Conference Registrations to celebrate the 16-Days Campaign!

Check out the special discount we’re offering for Conference Registrations to celebrate the 16-Days Campaign!


-We have just updated our Conference Programme Page with more information on the WILPF 2015 Conference. Have a look now!

-We are very proud to launch our new WSW Essay Competition! Are you interested in earning 1,000 Euro cash prize and have your work read by every Conference Participant? Then get writing, we look forward to seeing your work!

-Get ready for the 16 Days of Discount! To celebrate the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence we’re offering a major discount for Conference Tickets, so make sure to get in on the action!

-Have you read the latest article on openDemocracy 50.50 yet? Check out the latest in their special Women’s Power to Stop War Series and read Catia Confortini’s Women Peacebuilders: Transforming the System for the Inside Out?

Check out how the Atlas is celebrating the 16-Days Campaign and opening to all our partners to contribute!


Check out the updated Conference Programme now, outlining the major themes that will be dealt with at the Conference.

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Our fantastic Leicester WILPF members ready to join Women's Power to Stop War!

Our fantastic Leicester WILPF members ready to join Women’s Power to Stop War!




by Mary Alys, WILPF UK

We had meetings to discuss whatever our next action might be. For example, we did one for Hiroshima day, a few years running.

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by Kathrin Perez, WILPF International 

The other week I met friends for dinner and I told them very enthusiastically about my internship at the International Office of WILPF in Geneva. […] I thought I could share my enthusiasm but one of my friends destroyed my hopes asking, how I could manage to work with all these crazy, men-hating, bitter women.

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Want to Join Us?

Join us in The Hague in April 2015 for the Conference of the century for women peacemakers. This will be the place for activists, students, peacemakers, feminists, academics, human rights defenders and all WILPFers to come together and set the new peace agenda of the 21st century. So make sure we’ll see you in The Hague!

In the meantime, there is plenty for you to engage with if you want to show your support for Women’s Power to Stop War. You could, for example, Sign the PledgeAdd an Event to the Anniversary AtlasWatch a WSW Webinar Series EpisodeMake a Donation, or become part of our 100 for the 100th Photo Series.

Join us today!